When you are looking to lose weight quickly and permanently, you may find yourself looking for the simplest possible solution. For many, this means relying on cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery such as liposuction to solve their weight problems. While these methods are entirely useful in the pursuit of weight loss goals, they cannot be used alone to permanently resolve your weight issues. Rather, a comprehensive approach is necessary to ensure prolonged success. You need to know the steps you need to take for comprehensive and long-lasting weight loss. 

Diet and Exercise

No weight loss plan, no matter how many surgeries you undergo, will work properly or last without proper diet and exercise. While you may want to forgo this step for seemingly easier weight loss methods, you will find yourself on a constant roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain if you try to do so.

To make sure your weight loss is long-lasting, you will want to contact a dietitian and a personal trainer to jump-start your efforts. A dietitian will give you a healthy eating plan and will help you to stick to that plan. Healthy eating does not have to be difficult or unpleasant. Your dietitian can help you to come up with recipes and guidelines that you will enjoy and stick to.

Additionally, an exercise plan does not need to be entirely unpleasant either. A personal trainer will work with you to develop an exercise plan and routine that you will stick to and that you will enjoy. They will incorporate activities that you like to do into your routine to keep you motivated and working hard. 


If you wish to speed up the weight loss process, liposuction is a safe and viable surgical option. Liposuction works to remove bulges of fat tissue that have built up throughout the body, usually in the abdominal region. 

A cannula (or tube) is inserted into the pockets of fat throughout the body and is used to suction that fat out of the body. As such, the procedure is minimally invasive, though several insertion points may be required depending on the amount of fat tissue you wish to have removed. 

Liposuction alone will not foster permanent weight loss. If you do not couple this procedure with dietary and lifestyle changes, you will gain the fat deposits back and will have to continue to seek out liposuction treatments.

Liposuction is a helpful procedure to speed up your weight loss and should not be discounted. However, you should also not rely on it as your only weight loss solution. 

Gastric Surgeries

If you are morbidly obese and simple dietary changes, exercise, and liposuction will not help you achieve your weight loss needs and goals, you may wish to consider gastric surgical options. 

These procedures are restrictive, meaning that they are used to control how much you can eat on a regular basis. This prevents overeating and speeds the weight loss process drastically. When your obesity is extreme or potentially life-threatening, this may be the only way to get your weight and health back on track. 

Again, gastric surgeries alone will not guarantee permanent weight loss. Healthy eating and gradual exercise increases will go a long way to assist in your weight loss and help you maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life.

As you can see, a comprehensive weight loss plan is the only surefire way to ensure lifelong weight loss and health. So, get started as soon as possible to achieve your goals and get healthy. 

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