What is happening to your eyes when you suddenly have trouble seeing the print in a book? You may also find you have an even harder time seeing it when you bring the book closer. For many people, picking up a cheap pair of reading glasses at their local drug store can help them see up close. Check out the reasons you need to visit your eye doctor before wearing drug store reading glasses every day.

Visit Your Eye Doctor First

When you have spent your whole life being able to see small print, you more than likely may feel frustrated to suddenly have an issue doing so. For many people, their jobs depend on being able to see tiny parts or print. If you feel angry and frustrated because your eyesight is not what it used to be, you may turn to a pair of cheap reading glasses. Before you start wearing reading glasses regularly, taking the time to visit an ophthalmologist about your vision problems is best. Wearing cheap reading glasses could cause your vision to worsen if you are suffering from a condition you are unaware of.

Symptoms You May Have Wondered About

If you have been wearing reading glasses on a regular basis to read or see little things up close, you may have also noticed having headaches and fits of nausea more often than usual as well. Headaches and nausea are common symptoms caused by wearing glasses with the wrong lenses in them for your particular vision problem. You may have also noticed your eyes getting tired faster than usual. If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms, stop wearing the reading glasses you bought at the drug store and visit an eye doctor soon.

Aging and Your Eyesight

Starting at the age of 45 or 50, many people begin experiencing a condition called presbyopia. Aging causes many bodily processes to slow down and your vision is no different. As you grow older, the tissue in the eyeball begins to slowly lose elasticity, causing you to have trouble seeing up close. You should know there is no cure for presbyopia and as you age, it can become worse. However, your eye doctor can prescribe lenses that will help. If you are regularly wearing reading glasses, you may find yourself buying stronger pairs as time wears on, the best reason to avoid them and get the pair of prescription glasses your eyes truly need. For more information, visit sites like http://www.spectacleshoppe.biz/.