Chronic tinnitus is a persistent, nagging condition associated with hearing loss, often occurring as your brain tries to make up for the sounds it can no longer hear. There is no known cure for tinnitus, but using a hearing aid can drown out the noise to a more bearable level. Although many patients resist the idea of wearing a hearing aid, new technologies have made them smaller and more powerful than ever before, providing a nearly seamless transition back to your old hearing capacity. If you are suffering daily from the distraction of tinnitus, read on to learn how a hearing aid can significantly reduce or even eliminate the ringing irritation of tinnitus. 

Understanding the Causes Behind Tinnitus

As much as 15 percent of adults experience tinnitus. It can be caused temporarily by sinus infections, head injuries and other medical conditions, but for chronic sufferers, it is usually tied to hearing loss. The precise origins of tinnitus are not yet known, but it is believed to occur when your brain lacks the auditory information it used to receive. Your brain compensates for this by generating a buzzing or ringing sound, despite the fact that it does more harm than good. Because the problem appears to be mostly neurological, there have been few effective and widespread treatments for tinnitus. 

Overriding the Buzz of Tinnitus 

Hearing aids do not cure tinnitus; even while wearing your hearing aid, you may still be able to detect the ringing sound if you listen for it. But by amplifying the sounds around you, you can give your brain more information to process and therefore drown out the sound of the tinnitus, effectively relegating it to the background instead of at the front of your thoughts. Hearing aids can also sharpen voices that might otherwise be muffled by your tinnitus, making conversations and watching television easier and less frustrating. Most modern hearing aids can be adjusted in a variety of ways, including volume and sound filtering, meaning you should always be able to change your settings as needed. 

Managing Existing Hearing Loss

Besides resolving your tinnitus, having a hearing aid can simply improve your quality of life if you are already dealing with hearing loss. Sharpened conversations, clear music and the quiet sounds of a lovely day can all seem priceless if you're currently living without them. Instead of attempting to ignore the problem day after day, you may be able to find relief after just a few appointments with an audiologist. There is no reason to put yourself through the agony of living with tinnitus for years; if you are sick of the ringing, explore hearing aid options with your audiologist to begin finding relief today.