Many rappers try to create a flashy image by showing off gold teeth when they smile. But their teeth are often not really covered in gold. Instead, a set of false fronts is often made that slide over their teeth to give them the golden smile they want without actually attaching anything permanently to their teeth. While these fronts, often called grills, were very expensive for many years, they are now very affordable, making them the ideal accessory for anyone trying to create a unique look for themselves. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about going to a denturist to have a set of custom grills created.

The Denturist Will Take a Mold of Your Teeth

The first thing that the denturist will do is he or she will take a mold of your teeth. The grills need to slide seamlessly over your teeth, and ensuring they are the exact size and shape of your teeth will keep them in place when you wear them. If a mold was not created, the fronts could slide around on your teeth and cause damage to them.

You Will Need to Choose the Karat of Gold You Want for Your Grills

When you have grills made, you will be able to choose just about any karat of gold you want for them. It is important to remember that only you will know the karat of gold that was used to make the grills, so spending a fortune on the highest karat of gold possible is not necessary. All karats will look the same when they are in your mouth, so spend your money wisely when choosing the karat of gold that will be used to create your grills.

You Will Need to Choose if You Want the Grills to be Plain Gold or Not

Next, you will need to decide if you want the grills to be plain gold or if you want them to be encrusted with diamonds. Diamonds will make the grills heavier, which make them more difficult to keep on your upper teeth. If you want to have diamonds added to your grills, it is often recommended to have them added to the lower set of grills rather than your upper set.

Once you know everything you want for your grills, the denturist can send off your mold and the information to the dental or dentures technician that is responsible for making the grills. They will create the grills and polish them before you come back to get them. Once you have the grills, do not wear them when you are eating or sleeping, as they come become damaged.