It may be true that you should floss every single day, but many people intentionally avoid doing it. It may be due to flossing feeling like a tedious task, or they don't like the feeling of the floss wrapped around their fingers. Flossing still should be done to ensure healthy teeth. Thankfully, there are a few alternative ways to clean those small spaces between your teeth.

Interdental Brush

An interdental brush is a tiny brush that can get into all the small spaces between teeth. They're sold at drug stores and grocery stores, and come in many sizes and styles. Using an interdental brush can be faster than using traditional dental floss, which is why it is appealing to some people. This is because you don't need to keep unwinding new floss to clean a new section.


A toothpick won't be effective at removing all food or debris stuck between the teeth, but it is better than doing nothing. Try to make it a habit to use a toothpick after eating a meal, which will help get the food out from between your teeth before it starts to decay. Toothpicks are not meant to be a full on replacement for flossing, but can help remove some bacteria and plaque buildup before the end of the day.

Water Irrigator

Do you love the feeling of how clean your teeth are after going to the dentist? That is because they use a water irrigator. You can achieve a similar level of cleaning on your own by getting a home dental irrigation system. These irrigation systems will not only force out the plaque and bacteria with water, but they can stimulate the blood flow to your gums, which helps them fight germs. You may find a water irrigator so easy to use that it encourages you to use it more than you would use floss.

Floss Pick

A flossing alternative that doesn't involve twirling floss is a floss pick. These are disposable plastic picks that hold the floss in the them very tightly. It will help reach the places that you have difficulty flossing with normal floss. The plastic pick even allows you to put pressure on it with your teeth to get between teeth that are really tight together. The opposite end of a floss pick is also a toothpick, and they are easy to take with you for when you want to floss on the go.

For more tips about alternative flossing methods, speak with your dentist (like Michael C. Cordora DDS, PLLC).