If you are seeking natural ways to prevent pregnancy, the good news is that your body gives you clues every month about when you are ovulating and should avoid sexual intercourse. If for health or personal reasons you do not wish to take traditional forms of birth control, then here are three of the best clues your body gives you to help you avoid pregnancy.

1. Saliva Changes

When you are about to ovulate, there is an increase in the amount of estrogen in your body and this causes an increase in the salinity of your saliva. The excess salt causes a fern-like pattern to appear in the saliva at least three days before ovulation. However, in order to see this pattern, you must use a fertility microscope. The good news is that these are easy to get and are worth the investment if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. It will also prove itself useful when you do want to get pregnant,

2. Cervical Fluid

Your cervical fluid will change through the course of your cycle, and if you pay careful attention you will be able to pinpoint when you are on the verge of ovulating so that you can avoid sexual intercourse. When you are not ovulating, you will not see this vaginal discharge, however, as you near ovulation you will notice a sticky, then lotion, and finally a stretchy egg white discharge coming from your vagina. You can check your cervical fluid throughout the month by using your finger tips or using a piece of tissue to pull it from the entrance of your vagina. It is one of your body's most accurate clues that you are about to ovulate.

3. Sensitive Breasts

There are certain times of the month when your breasts feel extra achy and your nipples feel tender. It is at these times that ovulation is about to occur or is occurring. This is the time of the month that you should avoid intimacy because you are very likely to get pregnant, especially if the two other signs mentioned above are present.

Your body gives you accurate clues about ovulation throughout the course of each menstrual cycle. The more you get to understand how your body works, the more in tune you will be with it. Combining the information you gain from the three signs of ovulation given above is the key to helping you to naturally predict when you can and cannot conceive throughout your cycle. To learn more tips, schedule an appointment with a OBGYN, like Anchorage OB.