When you're pregnant, your hormones are causing your body to go through some major changes in order to help your baby to develop and to prepare you for nursing. Some of these things sound like old wives' tales, but they actually can happen. Here are some of the more common strange things that you can expect as you progress through your pregnancy.

Your Feet Get Larger

Be aware that you may need an entirely new set of shoes after your pregnancy because your feet will get larger. This is because pregnancy causes your muscles and ligaments to become looser and expand as you gain weight. These changes become permanent, and most women find themselves buying larger and wider shoes after pregnancy.

Your Genitals Change Color

Many women report that their genital areas turn purple or even blue during pregnancy and swell up as well. Some women even experience thick varicose veins in the area. This is due to the increased blood flow in the lower body during pregnancy. Fortunately, this goes away after your pregnancy ends.

You Experience Memory Loss

You may feel that you are more forgetful as your pregnancy goes on, but there is no known reason as to the cause. It's possible that the problem is hormonal, but it could also be due to other factors such as lack of sleep or even stress about the upcoming birth. 

Your Body Hair Increases

This is a problem that can also be attributed to hormones, more specifically an increase in male hormones in this case. You will not only grow thicker hair on your head but also on various areas of your body. This includes growing hair in areas where you normally don't have hair such as your chest, face, belly, and around the nipples.

Your Breasts Change

While you may have experienced breast tenderness and swelling during your monthly cycle, the breast pain you feel during your pregnancy will be enhanced. Your nipples will hurt and even touching your breasts or removing your bra can be painful. In the last trimester, you may also experience breast leakage. On the positive side, your breasts will get much larger, though only temporarily.

Of course, not everyone will experience any or all of these symptoms, and other women will experience different problems. It is normal for strange things to happen to your body during pregnancy and most of these problems will disappear after the baby is born. If you feel like you are experiencing something abnormal, or you just want to make sure your pregnancy is progressing in a healthy way, then contact a medical office like Billings Clinic for a checkup.