Patients are sometimes stressed about the idea of going in for an MRI because they worry that the experience will be uncomfortable or scary. MRIs are sometimes particularly problematic for those who are claustrophobic.

Fortunately, there are numerous things patients can do to increase their comfort during an MRI appointment. The following are seven mistakes patients need to avoid to make their MRI as comfortable as possible:

1. Being unaware of your ability to put music on

Nowadays, it's possible to have headphones put on playing music during an MRI. Putting on familiar music is a great way to stay comfortable and avoid any stress during the procedure. 

Discuss music during the MRI with your physician before your appointment. If possible, you can bring in some music to listen to while the procedure is going on. 

2. Going in without a sleeping mask on

If you wear a sleeping mask during your MRI, you won't notice being in an enclosed space as much. Sleeping masks are especially helpful for MRI patients with claustrophobia issues. 

3. Not taking the time to go to the bathroom before you have your MRI performed

Once your MRI is started, you're going to have to stay inside until it's finished. This means that you need to be careful to go to the bathroom before you get started. Otherwise, your MRI might be much less comfortable than it should be. 

4. Attending your appointment all alone

You don't have to be all alone during your MRI. With the way MRIs work, those around the machine are not exposed to radiation. This means that you can have a family member or friend with you throughout the entire process if it makes you more comfortable.

5. Not communicating enough with the technician

Don't be shy. The better you communicate with your technician, the more informed you're going to be about the procedure and the more comfortable you're likely to be throughout. 

6. Not eating and drinking enough before your appointment

Hunger and thirst during your MRI can aggravate any discomfort you're feeling. Make sure you eat enough and drink enough that you're satisfied during your MRI without being uncomfortably full. 

7. Wearing uncomfortable clothing during your appointment

You're going to have to be resting in the same position for a certain period of time during your MRI. The more comfortable you dress for the experience, the more comfortable it's going to be. When you're dressing before your MRI appointment, focus on comfort rather than style or appearance.

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