Having spinal surgery is a major medical procedure and often takes several months to recover from. However, going to a spinal rehab center after having spinal surgery can help the patient start feeling better and regain mobility more quickly. Spinal rehab centers provide care to many different patients who have a variety of different spinal conditions. Physicians and physical therapists work together to devise an individual plan for each patient that will help them regain a healthy, pain free life as soon as possible. These are the different types of care that are provided in spinal rehab centers for those patients who have spinal surgery.

Pain Relief

Before a rehab program can begin, it is important to help relieve the pain of the patient as much as possible. The therapists that work in spinal rehab centers use methods such as therapeutic massage, hot and cold therapy, electrical devices such as TENS units and gentle stretching and moving of the back to help reduce pain. In many cases, helping the patient to become more relaxed and comfortable with a rehabilitation plan can help relieve pain as well.

Muscle Training

If the patient has suffered from back problems for a long time before having surgery, there's a good chance the muscles in his spine have not been frequently used in awhile. During spinal rehab, the muscles may need to be retrained. By using special stretching of the muscles along the spine and near the incision area, the muscles can gain strength and the spine will become better stabilized. 

Recovery Exercises

Customized recovery exercises will also be done by each patient. Exercising is a very important part of rehabilitation because it helps heal the spine more quickly, reduces pain and fatigue and may also help prevent future injuries from occurring. Once the patient learns which exercises are best for his own individual recovery, he can continue to get stronger by also performing these exercises regularly at home. 

Education is another aspect of spinal rehab. Patients are educated on what they should and should not do physically in order to regain and keep their improved mobility. Many patients who complete a spinal rehab program regain full mobility and do not have limits on what activities they can participate in. Every patient is different and has a different level of rehabilitation. Therefore, physical therapists develop customized recovery plans for each patient to best ensure they reach their rehabilitation goals.