A colonoscopy is a test designed to detect abnormalities in the large intestine. It is frequently performed to screen for colon cancer. If your doctor has advised you to get a colonoscopy, you should not put it off. Do not let the myths prevent you from getting a screening.

Here are a few common misconceptions about colonoscopes you should not believe.

Myth: A Colonoscopy Is Not Needed if You Do Not Have Symptoms

Some people believe they do not have to get a colonoscopy if they are not showing symptoms. However, the disease usually results from polyps in the colon. The polyps typically are not noticeable until you have advanced colon cancer. If you get regular screenings, you can detect the disease in the early stages and treat it easier.

Myth: A Colonoscopy Will Hurt

Many people are reluctant to get a colonoscopy because they believe the procedure will be very painful. Luckily, this is not true. With the latest advances in medical technology, you should not feel much discomfort at all during the exam. However, you may experience some bloating after the procedure.

Myth: Preparing for a Colonoscopy Is Terrible

With modern science, getting ready for a colonoscopy is not a horrible experience. Your doctor will ask you to consume a liquid diet and take a laxative the day before the procedure. Your colon must be clean for the doctor to detect polyps in your colon.

Myth: Colonoscopies Are Too Expensive

Some people may avoid getting a colonoscopy because they do not think they can afford the procedure. However, many health insurance companies recognize the benefits of colonoscopies and typically cover the procedure in full. 

Myth: Getting a Colonoscopy Is Too Embarrassing

At first, it may seem like getting a colonoscopy is humiliating. However, you should remember that these doctors perform many colonoscopies every year and will do whatever they can to make the process a respectful experience. 

Myth: A Colonoscopy Is a Risky Procedure

Another reason why some people avoid getting a colonoscopy is that they think there will be complications. However, colonoscopies are very routine procedures and rarely have complications. As long as you have the procedure with a doctor who is certified to perform it, you should not have any issues.

As you can see, there are a lot of myths about colonoscopies. If you have been advised to get a colonoscopy, you should schedule the procedure with a doctor as soon as possible.