Many people want to stay young forever — or at least look young for as long as possible. There are a lot of anti-aging supplements on the market that promise to help with this, but astragalus is arguably one of the better options. This herb has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, and it is becoming more available in the United States as of late. Here are some things you should know about astragalus if you're thinking of taking it yourself.

1. It is thought to work by reducing telomere activity.

Telomeres are the ends of your chromosomes. Every time your cells divide, the telomeres get a tiny bit shorter. This is part of what leads to aging. If you can slow down the degradation of the telomeres, you can slow down the aging process. Although researchers are not yet sure exactly how this works, it seems that astragalus supplements may work, at least in part, by reducing telomere degradation. So, if you take astragalus supplements regularly, you may be able to slow down the aging process. You won't live forever, but you may live a little longer — or at least feel more youthful while you're alive.

2. It may also work by enhancing your immune system. 

Your immune system works hard! It fights off pathogens like bacteria and viruses, day and night. If your immune system does not have the support it needs, then this can contribute to the aging process. You're also more likely to experience inflammation and autoimmune diseases, which tend to be more common with age. In addition to interacting with the telomeres, astragalus is thought to help support the immune system. In doing so, it can help slow the aging process and prevent some of the diseases often associated with aging.

3. You should take it twice a day.

Many supplements can be taken once a day, but astragalus root supplements tend to be most effective if you take them twice per day. This ensures the levels of the herb in your system remain relatively constant. Follow the dosage instructions on the bottle. Typically, patients take about 10 grams twice a day, but your doctor may recommend a lower or higher dose, based on your needs.

Astragalus supplements are an excellent choice for anti-aging benefits. They work in several different ways, and they are easy to take. To learn more, contact clinics that offer nutritional supplements for telomere activity.