If you are weighing available options for final disposition for yourself or a loved one, you should consider cremation services.  Here are five reasons why most people are choosing cremation over burial.

1. It's Cost-Effective

Currently, the average cost of cremation service is between $2,000 and $4,000 when the process is handled through a funeral home. If you engage a crematory directly, you will pay as little as $1,500. If you add all burial-related costs, it will amount to over $10,000. In this context, a cremation is a low-cost option that you should always consider.

2. It's a Flexible Process

Funeral planning is emotionally and physically draining. By the time you are done with burial arrangements, you are already exhausted, and handling grief after losing a loved one. A cremation is easier to handle than a burial since the process is faster. Within three hours, the cremation process is over, and afterward, you can hold a memorial service in a peaceful location of your choice. 

3. Land is Becoming Increasingly Scarce

Think about a normal burial. You will need a land area measuring 6 feet by 2 feet. This space is too large in a country, whereby cemetery space is becoming increasingly scarce. Studies show that the space needed to bury one person can hold up to 10 cremated remains. If you run a family cemetery, you must use the available land economically. Why not opt for cremation services?

4. Cremation Gives You More Options

As you know, burial gives you only one option: to dig a grave and bury your loved one. However, cremation is different. It gives you a wide rang of options. For instance, you can preserve the remains at home. You can also choose to scatter them in your favorite hiking site. Other people choose an ocean burial whereby the remains are scattered in the sea.

5. Its Environmentally Friendly

Over the decades, there have been numerous concerns about chemicals used to embalm the body during burial preparations. Environmentalists are concerned that these chemicals significantly contribute to environmental pollution. Also, there are fears that the available land will be full of graves if people continuously opt for burials. Thus, cremation is considered a greener option by many. With modern technology, bodies can be cremated with little emissions, substantially reducing air pollution. 

If you are wondering about cremation services for yourself or a loved one, contact a funeral home near you to learn more.