If you have flat feet, you may think that simply purchasing arch supports will be enough to rebuild your arch and fix your foot. This can help relieve the pain that you might suffer as a result of having flat feet. However, in some cases, the arch supports are simply not enough.

How to Know If You Have Flat Feet

A flat foot is one that does not have a normal raised arch when you are standing. A doctor will be able to diagnose that you have flat feet by examining them and by having you stand on your toes. The wear pattern of your shoes can also indicate that you have flat feet. This can be something that you're born with or can result from other factors, such as obesity. 


For flat feet alone, surgery is usually considered to be too drastic. However, if you have flat feet along with other conditions, such as a rupture, surgery might be necessary. If you are suffering from severe pain, a foot doctor might perform an X-ray of your foot to look for any abnormalities. 

Experiencing pain every day can be very debilitating and can prevent you from working or participating in activities that you once enjoyed. Therefore, even if your doctor doesn't find any abnormalities, you will want to take whatever steps you can to solve your foot problem regardless of whether you need new shoes or lifestyle changes.

Physical Therapy

If you are a runner, you may need physical therapy to improve your running form and technique. Otherwise, you will be more likely to hurt your feet when you go out for a run. Through neuromuscular reeducation, you can retrain the lower part of your body so you can avoid walking and running in a way that will cause your feet to hurt. Bad habits can take a long time to break, and it's therefore important to work with a therapist.

A physical therapist might perform a soft tissue massage, mobilize your joint, and manually stretch your foot. There are various therapeutic exercises you can engage in at the direction of your physical therapist that are meant to strengthen or stretch your foot. There are also therapies that you can carry out while you are at home so you can continue to progress. As you strengthen the muscles in your feet, you may experience less foot pain and you may be able to correct your flat feet.