Feeling down at times is normal, but if you feel sad all the time, then this may be due to depression. Below are some other signs of depression and treatment options available to help you feel better. 

Signs of Depression

Having no interest in things that you normally love to do is a sign of depression. For example, if you love gardening but you have had no desire to plant anything or take care of flowers already planted, then this may be a sign of depression. Feeling tired all the time is another symptom. This is different than feeling tired due to being active, working, etc. This kind of tiredness comes out of nowhere, and you feel like you cannot get off the couch. Not wanting to take care of yourself is another sign. You may not want to shower or wash your hair. 

Anxiety often goes hand in hand with depression. If you have anxiety, then you probably feel anxious and stressed. You may have an anxiety attack for no reason. If you do, your heart will palpate very quickly, and you may start to sweat all over. Changes in your appetite may happen. You may not want to eat anything, or you may overeat. Finally, having thoughts of suicide is a sign of serious depression. If you are feeling like this, then you need to see a doctor immediately.

See a Psychologist

Make an appointment with a psychologist. This professional can help you determine why you are feeling depressed. There may be a reason that you are not aware of. The psychologist may do cognitive behavioral therapy. With this, they will teach you how to manage and identify your negative thoughts. This therapy also helps you determine what patterns are making your depression worse. 

The psychologist may want to do interpersonal therapy. With this therapy, you will learn how to express your emotions better and solve problems in a healthy way. This is beneficial if your depression is caused by something traumatic that happened to you in the past. 

The psychologist will develop the best plan for you when it comes to treatment. They may choose to use both therapies or only one. If you need medication for depression, then the psychologist will refer you to a psychiatrist. 

The psychologist you see can give you much more information about depression when it comes to the causes and treatments.