Parents of active children know how much these young ones love jumping, exploring, and playing in multiple environments. While this outdoor activity can be very healthy for these youths, it can also be an issue if they get an infection. Thankfully, parents can use a variety of infection control products to minimize this risk and help children stay healthy and safe from these common issues.

Why Infection Control Products are So Important for Active Children

Active children may get infections in many ways while they play, such as stepping on sharp objects, cutting themselves on trees, accidentally getting infectious materials in their eyes or mouth, or even inhaling some through their nostrils.

This problem can be a serious issue that requires the help of various infection control methods to minimize a child's risk of health problems. These treatment methods can help with many common long-term health complications, including:

  • Sepsis: Sepsis occurs when bacteria moves beyond its initial infection points, such as a cut, and moves to other parts of the body. Quick and topical infection treatment may prevent this problem by eliminating infections on a child's skin before they can become septic in the body.
  • Bacteremia: When infections spread to the blood, they may move rapidly through a person's body and cause short- and long-term health concerns. Doctors can provide blood-based infection control options that inject into the bloodstream and minimize this danger.
  • Septic Shock: Septic shock may occur when bacteria spread far throughout a child's body and triggers dangerous reactions. Oral antibiotics and other stronger infection control products can help by preventing bacteria spread from worsening in this way.

The CDC strongly suggests that parents use these products as soon as they notice any signs of infection in their children. Infection signs may include nausea, headaches, and vomiting. Some children may develop no symptoms until the infection spreads further. Parents may also check their active kids for any signs of cuts, bruises, or infection whenever they get home from being outside.

Infection Control Products May Vary

Doctors provide many infection control options that may work for a broad range of situations. These include topical creams that fight bacterial infection when applied to open wounds or skin. Doctors may also prescribe oral antibiotics that help fight common infection problems and keep children healthy and safe from a potentially problematic health issue to allow them to remain engaged and happy with their life.

For more information on infection control products, contact a medical professional in your area.