If you have injured ligaments or tendons, you have a couple of treatment options today. One of the more popular is a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection, which helps speed up tendon and ligament healing through the use of platelets. Here are some benefits associated with PRP injections.

High Concentration of Platelets Can Be Administered 

In order to really speed up the recovery for damaged tendons and ligaments, you need to be particular about the treatment you seek out. With PRP injections, a high volume of platelets is administered to the problematic area like the knee or wrist. That helps accelerate the healing process of tissue and thus helps you find relief a lot faster than other treatment options.

What you need to do is just find an experienced physician that has practiced giving these injections for a long time. Then you can rest assured they'll use the right number of platelets and target relevant areas of your body for optimal relief later on.

Treat a Wide Variety of Body Areas

There are a lot of ligaments and tendons in the body, but it won't matter which ones are damaged or causing you pain if you treat these issues with PRP injections. Medical facilities that offer this service have refined their application methods and can thus get these injections administered all over your body.

You just need to be honest about the pain you're feeling. Let the treating physician know where your tendons or ligaments are hurting so that they can be more precise with the placement of these injections. That's how you can get relief that actually lasts.

Doesn't Involve Surgery

When a person has severe ligament or tendon damage, surgery often comes up as a treatment. However, not everyone wants to go through surgery because it can be pretty involved, cost a significant amount of money, and require anesthesia. If you're looking for a better alternative, PRP injections are available.

Rather than going under the knife, you'll just receive platelet injections in the area that's giving you problems. It's a direct shot and doesn't require an extensive healing process after, which lets you recover faster and saves you a lot of money.

Ligaments and tendons are sometimes put through a lot, especially for those that live an active lifestyle. Fortunately, you can heal these parts of your body through PRP injections. They're easy to get and truly are effective for promoting tendon and ligament healing.