Prosthetic limbs enable people to engage in the activities they enjoy and to more easily complete daily tasks. For patients to accomplish these tasks, they need a prosthetic that fits properly and comfortably without adding more weight than necessary. Modern advances in prosthetics have improved the options available.

Better Overall Health

About two million people in the United States currently have a missing limb. The need for a prosthetic could occur because of a birth condition, following an accident, or due to illness. Regardless of the reason, obtaining a prosthetic has many benefits. A prosthetic limb can improve balance and strength, protect the remaining limb from overuse and injury, and reduce pain in the body from an uneven posture. Prosthetics may even boost mental health: many people gain independence and the ability to participate in more physical activities as their mobility improves.

Increased Design Options

Older methods of prosthetic development may not have always produced comfortable or suitable limbs for every individual. Modern versions, like symphonie aqua system prosthetics, offer a more comfortable and innovative option from the first fitting to development and use. The system uses hydrostatic pressure to produce a limb with a more identical match to the missing limb.

Improved Modern Technology

Hydrostatic pressure allows the prosthetic to match more than the length and basic shape of the missing limb. The process also enables detailed impressions that include accurate contours and provides imaging of the bones, tendons, and pressure points. Prosthetics produced through this method fit better and more comfortably into the socket. The material creates a limb with a more accurate weight for the patient.

Endless Benefits Possible

A symphonie aqua system prosthetics provider can help patients receive a prosthetic made for their lifestyle. The detailed measuring process of the socket reduces the number of fittings the patient needs for a comfortable prosthetic. Properly fitting prosthetics can help reduce skin discomfort and irritation. Skin problems, like rashes, bumps, cuts, and more, can prevent people from wearing prosthetics and may lead to infections and other health concerns. The improvements in fitting the limb to the individual could help many avoid these worries.

Modern prosthetics allow people to have a better fitting and more comfortable option. Patients who choose these methods can have a limb designed to meet their needs and lifestyle. The potential gain in mobility can boost the independence of the person affected and their quality of life.  

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