Dangerous job duties should only be conducted by employees who have passed a drug and alcohol screening process. A medical testing facility that provides comprehensive services will furnish drug and alcohol testing materials, lab analyses, and printed results.

A Licensed Medical Testing Facility

If you are seeking conclusive results that indicate whether or not an employee has drugs or alcohol in their system, testing processes should be administered by a licensed tester. A medical testing facility that offers testing services will use the same type of testing equipment for each screening that is conducted.

This ensures that all of the employees that are required to be tested will undergo the same process. 

Drug And Alcohol Screenings

Some of the drugs that a screening kit can detect include barbiturates, amphetamines, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol. A full-service testing facility may feature a laboratory where urine samples are analyzed. If a screening facility has direct access to a laboratory, test results can typically be acquired within a short timeframe.

Remote Testing

Some facilities that administer drug and alcohol screenings offer remote testing. A remote testing process can be beneficial if many employees are going to need to undergo a screening process right away. Remote testing processes are efficient and discreet.

Testing can be performed at a place of business during the normal hours of operation that the business follows. Some testing facilities may offer after-hour appointments too. If you cannot afford to close your business down for the day, seek services through a provider that offers after-hour appointments that can be conducted at your place of business.

The person/people who will be facilitating the tests will be responsible for setting up all of the equipment that will be used. Once the test process is over, the samples will be transported to a lab.


The service provider who will be administering the drug screens will outline the manner in which you will need to pay for the tests. The cost of each test session will include the testing supplies and lab results. When you schedule an appointment for a drug and alcohol screen, you will have the option of paying for the screening process in advance. 


If you will be requiring your employees to have a test conducted at a testing facility, prepare printed directions to hand out to your employees. The directions should describe the reason for the testing process. It should also include the name and address of the testing facility. 

For more information about drug & alcohol testing, contact a local company.